yonafriedman image credit: Yona Friedman

If the Internet were a city, what would be its roads, buildings, and parks? How do people, businesses and governing bodies produce insights into the qualitative characteristics of distribution beyond the tired triptych of centralized, decentralized, and distributed?

In this hands-on workshop, wel examine decentralized forms of networking through the lenses of cities, urbanism, and architecture. In small groups, participants are provided with “urban” elements to construct landscapes that tease out models of decentralization and governance for the “Internet as a city.” Warm up exercises help attendants image websites as a building, and mapping trails as browsing experiences.

We extend this exploration to modes of governance in decision making, and notions of “public space” or the commons.

The first iteration of this workshop was held at the Decentralized Web Summit 2018.

Since then, then the program has been adopted by ArtsEd4All.

We have some more iterations of this workshop that we are planning on the east coast. Are you interested in facilitating a workshop? Email us!.

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